The Year with the Goddess program is ongoing. No matter when you join, you’ll have access to a full year of monthly materials!



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Join us for this new program that will bring the Divine Feminine into your life more deeply than ever before.


Each month you’ll be opening your heart to a different Goddess, learning how to integrate Her energy into every part of your life, and getting Her support in:

  •  moving past your blocks

  • Transforming your problems

  • And showing up fully as who you’re meant to be


Each week you’ll get:

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 A new video 

A new guided meditation

A new Journal page

 and a new Guide help you establish a deep, unshakable relationship with each Goddess, while learning how to bring Her energy into every part of your life to transform your identity, your relationships, and your alignment with your unique purpose.

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You’ll also get an Altar Journal and Guide to help you spend special time each month creating a personal Goddess Altar that helps connect you to the love and support of the Goddess.


You’ll be able to take part in our private Facebook group and share your discoveries and insights,


And we’ll have a sixty- to ninety-minute recorded call with a Guest Teacher every monthWe’ll connect to the story of the Goddess for that month and we’ll share a special ceremony that will connect us individually and as a group to that Goddess.

Our Guest Teachers include:


new teachers


The Year with the Goddess program is ongoing!

It’s my deep wish that this full-month immersion in the energy of each Goddess will create a beautiful new beginning in your life, and that, strengthened by Her love and support, you can show up more than ever as the you you are meant to be, feeling whole, balanced, empowered, and fulfilled, fully expressing who you are, and what you love.

Join us now, and become part of the sacred space

that we are creating together!

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How it works:


The program lasts for a whole year, and you pay-as-you-go on a monthly basis.


Every month you’ll connect deeply to a different Goddess. Each week you’ll be connecting to that Goddess and getting her support with your identity, your purpose, your relationships, your work in the world, and the things you most want to create.


Each month you’ll receive a link and password to a new page on our site devoted to the Goddess for that month. Then every Sunday for four weeks you’ll receive:

  •  a new video

  • a new guided meditation

  • A new journal page

  • A new weekly Guide

…to help you connect to that month’s Goddess and get the support you need to bring positive, lasting change to every area of your life.

You’ll be able to use as much or as little of the materials as you like to connect to the Goddess in the way that works best for you.

You’ll also have access each month to a special recorded call with one of our awesome Guest Teachers.

Everything is accessible online in Pdf or Mp3 format, so no need to wait for anything to come in the mail.

You’ll also get access to our private A Year with the Goddess Facebook group where you’ll be able to connect with other members and share your new insights and experiences with the Divine Feminine.




I’m your facilitator, Kim Wilborn.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at


Spend a Year with the Goddess

and Transform Your Life!