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What would your life be like if you truly knew your own

beauty and power, and expressed it fully every day?


So many of our problems come from being disconnected from a sense of our true beauty, and thus unable to access and express our full power.

Your true beauty resides within your heart and shines out from your spirit.

Others see it, but it may be hidden from your own sight!

I’ve created a special Audio (including a guided meditation), Guide, and Illustrated Journal Pages to help you connect directly to the magic of the Goddess Freya.

sweden-703675_1920With Her help, you can begin to:

  • Know yourself in a whole new way

  • Own your true power

  • Express the beauty of your heart in wonderful ways

Show up fully in the world expressing your own empowerment,

your own passion, and your own magic!

Sign up here to get your Own Your Beauty & Power with the Goddess Freya audio Mp3 and Pdf Guide and journal pages, and experience the life-changing magic of Freya today!

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Know your own power, and express it with the wisdom of your heart!


Hi, I’m Kim Wilborn, founder of Guardian Gateway and A Year with the Goddess. My passion is helping people connect to the high-vibrational Guardian beings who can support us in living our full potential in life.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at